About us

• Beauty house Beaute Academy Forum Palace only works with high-quality famous L'Oreal, Kerastase, Creative Nail Design products. Experienced professionals will help you pick the procedure complex by individual preferences which is suitable only for you, so the benefit of beauty treatments would be visible at once.

• High-quality service,  cozy atmosphere, pleasant and warm interaction are the most important things we offer to our customers.

• If you want to look younger, change your appearance, or just feel better - we are always waiting for you at Beaute salon.

• Beauty house Beaute - all for your beauty!

• Konarskio st. 2, Vilnius, Phone. +370 52 757577,  +370 699 99989


If you are full of enthusiasm, in pursue of perfection and wish to become a true professional - our beauty and cosmetology house "Beaute Academy" is always waiting for those who want to do an internship. We will provide a wonderful, cozy atmosphere, excellent conditions, good quality work tools and advices from our professional team.

Our beauty and cosmetology house "Beaute Academy" is always ready to welcome new members of the team. So if you wish to join - please contact us.


Hen parties, bachelor parties, birthdays

For your party - 20 % off!
Start to celebrate with us!


Contact us and we will offer special conditions for your team.

S. Konarskio street 2, Vilnius
Tel. +370 52 757577
Mob. +370 699 99989

Work hours

I-V 9.00-21.00,
VI 9.00-17.00 
VII -closed 

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